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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rikard in Kindergarten

Rikard is in Kindergarten. He is really enjoying going to the gym and running races, coloring, gluing and cutting. He knows the ABCs and 123s, but isn't really excited about them yet. His favorite part of the school day is getting on and riding the bus.

He is looking forward to the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties at school.

Tatum in 2nd grade

Tatum is flourishing in 2nd grade. She is in an advanced reading class and loves to read the Magic Tree House series, the continuing saga of the Magic School Bus as well as serious books about science things, like spiders. She enjoys her teacher and has many friends that were in her 1st grade class.

She came home last week with the Super Student Award! Her fantastic teacher hand painted the water color apple tree on the certificate.

Keeli at the fair

Keeli thoroughly enjoyed her first memorable fair. Her daddy had to take her on the carousel about 5 times, she was quite angry she wasn't tall enough to ride the other rides. She'll probably be mad about that for years to come!

Tatum and Rikard took their dad on ride after ride for about 3 hours. they are finally big enough to go on the rides dad thinks are fun. After a few times around the roller coaster and spinning on the sizzler, Rick realized it may not be as much fun as it once was.