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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just like the Clampits

We didn't strike it rich and we aren't in Hollywood. But, we did move. This entire adventure began while we were on vacation the last week of June. The past two months have been a whirlwind of activity.We packed up all our belongings in our truck and trailer (two trips) and headed for the land of promise - or at least Spokane, Wash. We really were a sight along the freeway and in the downtown areas of the big city.
This was our second and final BIG trip to gather our things. Items loaded in the trailer the first trip were much more organized. But then we did have the little girly rocking chair perched on top of the trailer.

We don't have a place for our goats and chickens at our new, temporary city home. The goat gals are staying behind for now. Our neighbors Lance and Andrew have promised to make sure they have feed and water. Big Rooster and his hens joined the flock at Dale and Sandy's place, Daze of Camelot. Speedy, one of my banty hens, escaped her cage and will live out her days in our neighbor Sue's backyard.

If you need our new mailing address, email me at kate_stine (at) yahoo.com.