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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wild Weekend, Wacky Weather

More babies arrived! Late in the afternoon Saturday, we welcomed a set of triplets. Bounce, our best-natured nanny, had two bucks and a doe. The bucks are white, one with brown markings and the other with black, the doe is the brown with multi-colored markings. Tatum named the doe Ginger and we are still negotiating on names for the bucks.

Rick had to take an active role in the delivery. The first little one (white with brown spots) was breech and Bounce was have a bit of difficulty. She delivered the other two without trouble and all were up and walking around within a few minutes. All five babies enjoyed a nap in the warm sunshine.

After making new, warm sleeping arrangements for five new babies and their nannies, we had a fantastic springtime sunset to enjoy.
When we woke up this morning, we were in the twilight zone. There were 2-3" of heavy, wet snow on the ground. By 11 a.m. all the snow was gone.
At least two more of Tatum's mixed-breed nannies are pregnant. One should kid soon, the other could be a month or two away from kidding. Expect updates as our pasture family grows.

Look what I found...

...out in the pasture today! These two adorable does are Licorice and Cinnamon. They were just an hour or two old when this photo was taken.
We have had some crazy winter weather in our neck of the woods the last few days. Thankfully they had a few hours of sunshine and warmth while adjusting to their land legs.
Just as we were making dinner we had a set of triplets arrive, to bucks and a doe. Photos and story to follow tomorrow (I almost sound like a reporter - YIKES!).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Which came first...

They aren't spring chickens any longer. Most of them are at least two years old and they are a motley (and only slightly spoiled) crew. The flock is lead by a plymouth bard rock rooster we creatively named "Big Rooster," six matching barred rock hens, one white noisy naked neck hen and an adopted banty hen we call "Speedy."

Sometimes they are polite and lay in their nesting boxes. Other times we find eggs in the haystack, under a tree, in a window well - heck they're chickens, they don't know any better.

The warm weather has brought them back into egg production, so we have fantastic fresh eggs.

I'm considering adding a few more chickens to the flock. When we started our little flock we had some Arucanas which lay green/blue/pink tinted eggs and six white egg laying hens. It was fun to have a box full of tinted eggs all year long, not just at Easter.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Nana Eli was a fantastic daycare provider, however had to say goodbye to the kids due to family obligations. Nana Eli came to us through a referral from a friend and was truly a blessing. The kids were always happy.
Tatum and Rikard only spent a few weeks during the summer at Nana Eli's house, but Keeli was there everyday. She was learning to speak Spanish and was affectionately known as Tata's Little Blondie (Tata is Nana's hubby). Keeli now spends her day at her "friend Mica's" house. The transition time is great for Keeli as she is the only little one there during much of the day.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Visions

Easter was a quiet day at home. We spent most of our time doing activities with the kids, cooking and playing games.

Tatum made this great three-dimensional card at school. The bunny's ears and legs move around and he is supposed to hold things like decorated eggs and carrots on the indicated place on his tummy. He must have hidden the eggs and eaten the carrots. :)
We waited until today and made egg dying and decorating a family event. After careful handling by Rikard and Keeli, we 19 eggs to color. Don't white eggs make a fantastic, clean canvas?We spilled ONLY one (1) container of dye liquid and thankfully it left no permanent stain on the table, chairs, floor and clothing it hit.

We tried all sorts of things, drawing on the eggs with a wax crayon, adding stickers, shrink wraps and of course, that childhood favorite - double dipping. We have some nicely colored eggs to enjoy eating over the next few days.
Easter was also a cold, windy and wet day here. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new baby goats, but another day has passed without any new members of the pasture gang. Two of Tatum's goats are in the final weeks of gestation and everyone is checking them throughout the day. These are all experienced nannies, however they are both expecting multiples.

Keeli finished this great Easter bunny portrait during her quiet time at daycare last week. Isn't she great with her color combinations? She has such dramatic artistic freedom!