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Monday, September 27, 2010


This was me as Tatum and Rikard watched me being carted away in an ambulance last Saturday. It really is a silly thing, while walking across the park I slipped and broke my ankle. I didn't trip on a stick, didn't fall into a hole, didn't bumble over a curb. I just fell straight down, feet forward onto my behind.

Technically it is a spiral fracture of the right fibula. During surgery, they repaired the break with a plate and seven screws. There is also an "anchor" screw which holds the fibula and tibia together during the healing process. I am off my feet for at least two weeks, probably more.

During this down time, Rick has gotten me pretty well set up. I'm habitating the recliner in the dining room. He's brought me a stitching project, my laptop, my thesis notes and a television. At least I can keep my mind occupied.