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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey batter, batter

Tatum is enjoying softball. She went 2-3 and 3-3 in her opening two games of fastpitch softball. We had some extra practice batting sessions at the cages as she was hit by the pitching machine early on and got a bit afraid of the ball. She's likes the first pitch and she likes to hit the 3rd base line.

Fielding is where you find all the action (read parental entertainment). Tatum took a turn at second base. She was doing great. Lined herself up with the ball, didn't over charge and waited...
...trapped the ball in her glove with her right hand...lookin' good...that's my kid!...
...turned to tag the runner and dropped the ball...whose kid is that?!...
...lost it in the wind and dust...kicked up some more dust for good measure...
...found it just as the runner was approaching...
...and barely missed the runner as she safetly got to second base.
Two more games per week until the end of the season. Stay tuned for more...um, entertainment.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is it spring yet?

Easter was weeks ago, right? And, isn't March supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? We are used to warm, sunny weekends in April. This was the scene outside our living room window for about 20 minutes Sunday morning and again for another 20 minutes Sunday afternoon. Those white streaks are hail stones.

The sky was dark and gray all day. The air was cold, not in the least inviting to enjoy outdoor activities.
The hail fell so heavily and for so long that it began piling up like snow. It left a frozen crust on the windows and surfaces of our vehicles. It pounded out an angry noise on the patio roof.
Hopefully, we will see some clear blue skies and warmer weather soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now she's 9

Happy Birthday Tatum!

Tatum is a miracle. We don't say that lightly. She was the answer to prayers. She is a daily source of light and laughter in our lives. She arrived on April 10, 1999 and was immediately curious and talkative.
One of her favorite things to say when she was little was, "I am smart and then beautiful." She is a very smart girl, who enjoys reading and playing with her microscope. She also has a unique sense of style.

When she was 3, she was the flowergirl in two weddings. She wore both dresses and all the shiny patent leather shoes until they were nearly in tatters.

Wasn't she just the sweetest little thing? She still is!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bird Therapy

Keeli is TERRIFIED of birds. She won't go outside in the morning until I've chased away the "mean" robins in the tree in the front yard and then the finches who have a nest near the back door.

We tried to overcome this fear a bit recently visiting a local showing by the WSU Raptor Club & Rehabilitation Program. The program started with several smaller birds, a Sharp-Shinned Hawk and this tiny Saw-Whet Owl named Cuare.
Keeli thought the little birds were okay, at least from a distance. She was very concerned that they were squeezing the handlers' hands or could bite someone or could fly at her or...

Then, we were treated to some really big birds close up and personal. This is Toby, a Great Horned Owl. Keeli was pushing back against me very firmly to get as far away from these birds as possible and still be on my lap. This is Charlie, a Red Tailed Hawk and the oldest member of the Raptor Club. Keeli isn't yet convinced yet that birds are good creatures, but she isn't as afraid to go outside in the morning where the finches are. This morning she told them to be quiet or she would get them a cage! At least I know she paid attention to part of the show.

This program is directed by Dr. Erik Stauber (a very fascinating man to talk with, BTW) and run by veterinarian students. The students rehabilitate injured birds and employ them for public education sessions. These aren't the only birds at the center. Each of the birds has a story about how it came to be in the program and how they represent their species.