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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday musicals

The kids had some great muscial performances to share with us this year. We had to attend three evening concerts before Christmas. The first was Tatum's orchestra concert, followed by two evenings of their individual classes performing Christmas songs.

Tatum's choral concert was fairly traditional. Her class sang Beboppin' Santa Claus, Follow the Star and Winter Magic.

Rikard was a total ham in the front row (green shirt). He can't hold still so thankfully there was some dancing. During the sing-along, he started yawning as soon as the lights dimmed so the audience could follow the lyrics on the overhead. Do you wanna rock?

Before all the cute stuff began this was the scene from seats:
I just don't get some parents. No "excuse me." No attempt to kneel down. This mother wasn't the only one! Only a few of them displayed manners or any kind. It was a parade of parents with cameras and most of them were directing their children to stop singing and hold still for the photos or to wave or..... It completely disrupted the concert for a lot of other parents - not to mention those 3rd graders who already have a naturally short attention span. Thankfully it only took up the first song or two and then the parents settled down.