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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cake Diaries - The Finale

If you watch enough Cake Boss you know a cake is never complete without some cereal treats. Rikard made his version of Olympic medals from cereal treats, frosting and colors sugar crystals.

Ta-da! The finished cake. His masterpiece. (A little voice keeps telling me we unleashed a cake creating monster, but I'm ignoring it right now). The pack raised $250+ at the cake auction.

The Blue and Gold banquet was a fun event. Our den chose an Asian theme for decorations and food. Rikard and I prepared ginger beef and teriyaki chicken for the banquet.
After all the singing, announcements, eating, cake bidding, guest speakers, fundraising pitches, award presentations, leader recognitions and the passing along of the spirit stick...we realized the evening went a little longer than some could handle.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The cake countdown

After an expensive trip to the grocery store for cake mixes, powdered sugar, white frosting, gell food colorings, dowels and - of course - fondant, we were making cake the Cake Boss way.
Rikard designed his cake and the process to make it on 3x5 cards. The theme for the Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet is the Olympics and his cake is supposed to resemble the winners podium. Our first lesson was that rolling fondant with a rolling pin is hard work! They make it look much easier on television.

Getting it onto the rolling pin and then onto the cake proved tricky. I promised not to show the photos of the fondant spinning off the rolling pin onto the floor.

Another Cake Boss lesson - frosting is glue. Rikard found out those offset spatulas and pallette knives are much more difficult to use than they look!

Dad had some quick input on cutting fine details.

Making the numbers was very intense work.
Taking care and having patience when transferring the numbers onto the cake...
Nearly perfect!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Punky Brewster lives

I truly enjoy the fact that my children are independent and show initiative. Sometimes however we have to help them take a step back to review their decisions.
She's 5 years old and big enough to dress herself in the morning. This is how she prepared herself to attend a big birthday party for her friend Natalie.
Orange sundress, brown bubble sleeved shirt, three-tone pink, grey striped tights and a pink camoflauge mini skirt underneath. Don't forget the black Mary Janes (her "shiny black shoes"). They are a daily staple.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Model Scout

Rikard's latest Scouting project was to create and display a model. He chose a mini Erector race car model he got during he holidays and created a tiny race track to display it on. The model car took Rick and Rikard hours to put together. The tiny little nuts and bolts were very difficult under the axels. His final display piece was all his own handiwork.His den has several displays ready. Lego sets were by far the most plentiful. It was a very popular display.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pearly whites

We had a monumental visit to the dentist this week. Rikard underwent a procedure without any sort of sedation!
Granted this was a simple sealant application, it was a big step for him. When Rikard was 5YO he had two two root canals and crowns on molars done with only local anesthesia. He was so brave! His next trip to the dentist (with a different assistant) did not go well. He's required a mild conscious sedative since or the dentist hasn't been able to get any work completed. We've always had to take him home a little hobbly on his feet and nurse him out of his hangover.

He thought the blue light which cures the sealant was "awesome."

He spent the next hour after his appointment watching over the dentist's shoulder as Tatum had an open root canal checked and resealed. She wasn't as photogenic.