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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May Flowers

The air around our home is aromatic with the scents of lilacs and Russian olive trees in bloom.

Lilacs line the south side of the garden. There is a large lilac "forest" in the traditional dark and light purple colors and one white lilac tree.

Next to the house the clematis has its first blooms of the year. This one is against the east facing side of the house. The red clematis on the south side of the house hasn't yet bloomed.

I am waiting for my favorite flower, the peony, the bloom. The buds are about the size of the end of my thumb this week.

The original start of this flower was dug up from my parent's home when I was first married. Family legend has it my great-grandmother planted it there. It traveled to our first apartment together then back to our hometown (three blocks from my parents' home). Then, after college to another apartment where it lived in a big pot and to our first home. This is the first year since moving to our current home five years ago that it will bloom.

Now, please send good vibes that the wind won't blow the blooms apart the day they open.

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