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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Fun

Trick - or - Treat. It was mostly treats this year and they are stowed safely away to be dealt out sparingly by the parents.

Rick and the kids had to recycle costumes this year as there was no time in our busy schedule for creation, design and stitching of new costumes.

Rikard was a red Ninja warrior, complete with his own signature moves and intimidating sounds.

Tatum is sporting a relatively new-to-her witch costume stitched by the loving hands of her Nana Joyce. We found a witch hat with moons and stars that matches the cape that came with the costume.

Rick dug to the bottom of her dresser drawer for his who-knows-how-old $5 discount store holiday t-shirt and decided a new 'do was needed this year. We tried to talk him into the black wig, but he was adamant that blondes have more fun!

Once at school, the kids enjoyed a day of trick-or-treating classroom to classroom, sharing holiday treats and games. They have the next few days off for parent teacher conferences. We will learn how good or bad they've been on Tuesday.

Keeli was Champ Bear. He's a next generation Care Bear who teaches good sportsmanship isn't always about winning. Rikard made a cute Champ Bear too, too bad I couldn't get him into the Tenderheart Bear costume that was Tatum's in 1st grade.

This is the first year Keeli has embraced the holiday activities and she L-O-V-E-D it. She put that costume on when we left for the morning and didn't even take it off for her nap.

Rick and the kids went trick-or-treating around the block and then to a church harvest party. Rikard won a cake and wanted tried to eat the entire thing for breakfast the following morning. Everyone agreed it was a great day.

Carving the Jack-o-Lanterns was probably the most fun for everyone. With a pile of pumpkins from the neighbor, the kids had dozens of shapes, sizes and hues of orange to pick from. Tatum and Rikard weren't afraid to dig in with their hands and get the dirty work done.
Keeli's approach was a bit more dignified, more fitting for the princess she believes she is. Her fingers never touched pumpkin seeds or flesh and she spent about two hours cleaning the inside of her pumpkin one seed at a time.

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