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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Looff Carrousel

The Looff Caroussel at Riverfront Park turned 100 today. We got an early start on the day and participated in the celebration before the crowds gathered.The carrousel began operation on July 18, 1909, and all the original horses are still in use. There is a replacement goat, but he wasn't on the carrousel today. Tatum had to settle for a horse.I have fond memories of riding this carrousel. My grandparents let me ride several times during Expo '74. Grandma Mary took us to the carrousel, a tour of The Davenport and a movie at The Fox for Thanksgiving weekend amusement. I begin to wonder what it says about me that these things were mere amusement when I was a child, but now they are labeled historic or antique.
They all enjoyed the ride. Apparently this carrousel kicks it up a notch and goes "faster and smoother" than the carnival carrousels they have had the opportunity to sample. Everyone wants to go back - soon.

Of course, no carrousel ride would be complete without grabbing the brass ring. Today they are plastic. They don't hit the target as easily as the brass rings did. Happily we all got a brass ring with a commemorative card as a souvenir after the ride.

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