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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pale Rider

It was pony rides for all at daycare. Keeli and her mount Smokey got along just fine.Keeli was telling us all week that she was going to take her pony around the block and see how fast it could run. She was a little disappointed that they just kept going around and around in a circle. She did keep him to a nice walking speed (lol). A couple of the kids were too afraid to ride and I don't blame them, they've never seen livestock up close and personal.Rikard helped with the photography for the first time. He captured a great expression on Keeli's face as the ponies started their walk, but notice his big fingers in the photo?

1 comment:

junespider said...

Very cute! And this way, with the thumbs in the shot it's like they are both in the picture right?