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Friday, January 01, 2010

This fabulous double rainbow appeared after most of a dreary New Year's Day. It was a full arch and appeared east of our house over the mountain in the late afternoon.
It had snowed in the morning, rained all afternoon and just before sundown this beautiful rainbow appeared.
While looking for the leprechaun's lair under at the end of the rainbow, which was in the pumpkin patch across the road, we didn't find any little men hoarding gold. We did see several deer munching on what remains of the pumpkin patch. I can just make out three of them in the photo.


loves2spin said...

How beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That is ONE POWERFUL PROMISE from our Heavenly Father! Let me tell you an experience my husband had in 08. He worked for Chrysler, and they hadn't been doing well for several years. He came out of his dealership, discouraged and not knowing if he should bail like lots of guys were doing. He looked up and there was a rainbow that appeared to be over the dealership. My husband had a peace that came over him, and he said he knew he was just to trust/and rest in the LORD and he would be lead to what to do. Within a couple of months, he lost his job there of 15 years, because within one day the dealership closed suddently, and he was out of work. To this day, he still hasn't been able to find a job, but he has gone back to school to be a nurse, and the LORD has never let us down in caring for us, guiding us, and we have continued in the most wonderful peace that cannot be explained! ")