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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Club Pursuit

We are in the midst of club volleyball season and it's been a whirwind of fun for all of us. This is Tatum and Maddie giddy with excitement at the first tournament of the season.
Their team is made up of mostly 12-year-olds, but a couple of older players forced the coaches to register them as a U14 team. They are struggling in tournaments, playing against bigger girls with more experience, but they are sticking together as a team. 
 This is Tatum at the net. She is playing setter (my favorite position on the court) and is learning a lot as she plays all the way around, but only setting from the front row.
I've had a great time as I've met up with a couple of old high school friends whose daughters are playing in the same tournaments. In fact, last weekend we played in a tournament against a team from my hometown and against the club team I belonged to so many years ago. Fun times for all!

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Honeysuckle Haven Cottage said...

I was browesing through blogs and saw "3anklebiters" and it reminded me of my dog Mollie. Shes half blue heeler and half austrailian shepherd. She loves nipping ankles lol