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Friday, September 27, 2013

Run Rikard! Run!

Life keeps marching - or running - at break neck speeds. Rikard started middle school this year and is adjusting quite well. His class load includes all the regular required classes with the added bonus of a robotics class.
He tried out for the cross country team and finished in the top 10 for his grade level. His first timed run, a practice race last week, was 7 minutes, 30 seconds.
His team hosted the first meet of the season yesterday at Mountainside Middle School. There were hundreds of boys from more than a dozen schools at the starting line, and the ranks thinned out along the route.
Rikard is in the center of the photo, wearing very bright blue shoes with orange laces. All races at this level are 1 mile.
At the finish line, he poured on the speed and finished with a time of 6:43, placing 79th in his first race. A great personal improvement and a great first race!


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