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Friday, March 23, 2007

Border Crossings

Once over and back. A friend and I took the 4-hour, $5 economy foot tour of Tijuana. It was an entertaining and enjoyable trip. We hopped the bus/trolley and headed south. Here are the sights as we saw them:

The pedestrian bridge with Tijuana in the distance.

Traffic (not) flowing north, into California.

The cityscape.

I love people who control the English language. :)
I want to meet the gentle "men."
What exactly is a travesty show and just how bad is it?

This little burro looks so colorful - and gloomy.

Our last stop was for lunch.
I really need to visit again, with the entire family for a more involved tour of the city. The food was fantastic and the children selling things in the street were adorable, difficult to turn down. Many vendors had authentic and quality items, glassware, native pottery, Spanish pottery, leather items and about a million different tourist t-shirts. Sadly, we had little time in such a big city. As we were leaving, a Mariachi band was preparing to play.

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