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Thursday, March 15, 2007

white belt

a Ready stance.
a Right fighting stance.
a Sweep kick.
a Block.

Of course there is more to it than those four items, but it would have "totally embarrassed" Rikard if his mom had sat around and watched during the skills test. Rikard successfully completed the checklist of required skills to earn his white belt in Kali JuKune Do this week.

Rikard was so excited to finally have a belt to wear with his gi. The white belt signifies that he is an "aspirant" or a beginner.
Don't expect him to be super excited if you ask him about his belt. He is actually a bit dismayed that he didn't get the green one. Green is his favorite color. Maybe a GREEN BELT is in his future if he works toward that goal.

Since some may ask, here's the definition: Kali JuKune Do can best be explained by breaking it down into the components it represents. In the first word Kali - the Ka stands for Karate, the A represents Aikido and the full word Kali stands for Kali, the art of Filipino Stick & Knife fighting. In the Second word JuKune - Ju stands for Judo and Jujitsu; the K for Kickboxing; Kun stands for Chinese and Vietnamese Kung Fu; and the letter E for Eskrima. The last word - Do means School, Academy or Institute.
Maybe someday, with the combination of his dashing good looks, character and martial arts skills he can be in the movies.

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