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Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Time Threshing

We commonly see all sorts of harvesting equipment from potato and onion diggers to grain combines and manual laborers who pick the fruit and other vegetables we enjoy.

Sunday we had a rare treat. We came upon an old time threshing, complete with steam engine, threshing machine and cut and bundled wheat.

Threshing means: to separate seed from (a harvested plant) mechanically. The word "thresh" is actually Old English and Old German and dates back to before the 12th century.

The Case steam engine is connected to the threshing maching with a wide belt. Workers took bundled wheat from a flatbed trailer and loaded it into the threshing machine.

This machine takes the grain from this:

to this:

We all had a great time enjoying the heat, dust, flying chaf and noise.

1 comment:

Noelle said...

That is really awesome! Do you know who owns the threshing machine, and how did you happen upon it? Do you know if they use this every season or was it just a one-time thing? I would expect these were folks from several different farms to come together for threshing day? It's like int "Little House"! (GREAT photographs, by the way!)