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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Golf

We spent our Sunday afternoon at the minigolf course. Tatum and Rikard take this game very seriously - they try their darn-dest to get a better score than their dad.

Despite their fierce concentration and choosing balls in their favorite colors, Tatum and Rikard's scores were both 100+. They did keep the ball in play, but those uphill ramps really mess with their judgement on how hard/soft to putt.
There isn't a true snack bar at the minigolf park, just a couple vending machines. The soda machine must be nearly 40 years old, it screams of the late 1960s. We skipped the soda and went straight to Dairy Queen for ice cream treats.

At home, it was time to make dinner. This is our fantastic Sunday chicken dinner, a butterfly chicken cooked on the barbecue with some special south of the border spices.

1 comment:

Noelle said...

Okay, see, now you're just making me really, really hungry, woman! Yum! The photos of intense mini-golf concentration are priceless, and I must say I LOVE the old 7-Up machine! I'd like a stained glass of that in my house!