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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wine Trekking

It was a Winter Wonderland near Wenatchee.

I took a little trip last week to pick up some wine for a work-related event. The day started with a clear blue sky and lots of sunshine. Then I found myself driving into a huge snowstorm!

Wedge Mountain Winery, owned by my friends Charlie and Mary Ann McKee is located near a tiny, rural community in the middle of an apple orchard. We visited until the snow stopped falling and the sunshine returned.

The snow is 3-4 feet deep here. The rows of trees seem to sit on the snow. It is a bit intimidating to drive along the orchard roads in my little car, unable to see over the snow.
Once on the highway and half-way home, it had this great view of the Columbia River. It is usually just brown cliffs over the water, but the snow adds a new dimension.

I brought back a few cases of wine for a dinner. I would highly recommend their Roses and Rubies dessert wine for people looking for something a bit different, especially for a dinner party.


Lori said...

So much snow!!!!! I like the snow, but do not need that much of it... but it is so pretty.

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