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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Which came first...

They aren't spring chickens any longer. Most of them are at least two years old and they are a motley (and only slightly spoiled) crew. The flock is lead by a plymouth bard rock rooster we creatively named "Big Rooster," six matching barred rock hens, one white noisy naked neck hen and an adopted banty hen we call "Speedy."

Sometimes they are polite and lay in their nesting boxes. Other times we find eggs in the haystack, under a tree, in a window well - heck they're chickens, they don't know any better.

The warm weather has brought them back into egg production, so we have fantastic fresh eggs.

I'm considering adding a few more chickens to the flock. When we started our little flock we had some Arucanas which lay green/blue/pink tinted eggs and six white egg laying hens. It was fun to have a box full of tinted eggs all year long, not just at Easter.


Angela said...

Sounds like fun. We had chickens when I was a kid.

Noelle said...

Our hens are laying strangely now, too. They always lay in the nest boxes (except for John, who lays in her corner on the floor). Lately, though, there've been a lot fewer eggs (from 4-5 per day down to 1 or 2, from our 6 hens), and I'm wondering if they're laying in weird places. I've seen a couple of them looking a bit "nesty" in the goat pen, but I haven't found any eggs there - YET. I did find two eggs in weird places on the floor in the henhouse (not John's corner), so something must be up.

Thanks to lights in the henhouse, ours have layed all winter long, though it did slow just a little bit. We were out of town last week and had friends let them in and out daily (and collect eggs) and since then, things have been weird. Nobody seems to be molting, that I can tell. Hmmmm.

Love the pic of your eggs, by the way, as well as the gorgeous dyed eggs! Don't you just LOVE the fresh eggs??