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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wild Weekend, Wacky Weather

More babies arrived! Late in the afternoon Saturday, we welcomed a set of triplets. Bounce, our best-natured nanny, had two bucks and a doe. The bucks are white, one with brown markings and the other with black, the doe is the brown with multi-colored markings. Tatum named the doe Ginger and we are still negotiating on names for the bucks.

Rick had to take an active role in the delivery. The first little one (white with brown spots) was breech and Bounce was have a bit of difficulty. She delivered the other two without trouble and all were up and walking around within a few minutes. All five babies enjoyed a nap in the warm sunshine.

After making new, warm sleeping arrangements for five new babies and their nannies, we had a fantastic springtime sunset to enjoy.
When we woke up this morning, we were in the twilight zone. There were 2-3" of heavy, wet snow on the ground. By 11 a.m. all the snow was gone.
At least two more of Tatum's mixed-breed nannies are pregnant. One should kid soon, the other could be a month or two away from kidding. Expect updates as our pasture family grows.


Noelle said...

Lovely babies, Kate'! Now you must REALLY know it's spring. :-) Well, except for that SNOW part - ugh! We're due for a predicted 6 inches of wet stuff today, and by the looks out the window, they may be right this time. I'm hoping it will melt fast. I'm all for snow all winter, but I want SPRING! By the way, I sure wish we bred Lily, but we missed the window so no goat babies for us this season.

BusyLiz said...

Wow, you're little goats are such a variety of colors. What a talented mama. :o) The sunset is beautiful and so are the daffodils. It sounds like you got the gamet of weather!

Lori said...

Your goats are beautiful! What will you do with this quickly expanding herd?