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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now she's 9

Happy Birthday Tatum!

Tatum is a miracle. We don't say that lightly. She was the answer to prayers. She is a daily source of light and laughter in our lives. She arrived on April 10, 1999 and was immediately curious and talkative.
One of her favorite things to say when she was little was, "I am smart and then beautiful." She is a very smart girl, who enjoys reading and playing with her microscope. She also has a unique sense of style.

When she was 3, she was the flowergirl in two weddings. She wore both dresses and all the shiny patent leather shoes until they were nearly in tatters.

Wasn't she just the sweetest little thing? She still is!


Noelle said...

Happy late birthday to Tatum! Wonderful pictures of a wonderful girl. :-)

Ilena said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! God's little blessings are little rays of light. Love & Laughter Ilena :)

BusyLiz said...

What sweet pictures. Happy Birthday Tatum, from Fullerton, CA. (Right next door to Disneyland)