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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Greatest Accomplishments

Happy Mother's Day!
These are the greatest moments of motherhood, the best things to ever happen to me.
Audrea Makinsie
born Oct. 24, 1997
died Oct. 26, 1997
Then came...
Tatum Rory
born April 10, 1999

Along came...
Rikard Raymond
born June 13, 2001And the tie breaker...
Keeli Audrea
born Sept. 6, 2004


The Tin House said...

What stunningly scrumptious children - aren't those newborn faces so wonderful. I can't imagine the sadness of losing your first baby. Lisa x

The Tin House said...

HI Kate again, just thought I'd let you know I've tagged you for a fun meme to show the view out your front and back doors. Check my blog for mine! Lisa x

Lori said...

All of them are so beautiful with tiny hands, and little fingers, and little faces... and they look just like you!!
Motherhood is an amazing, challenging, never ending accomplishment.