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Saturday, September 13, 2008

At the Sock Hop

The PTA at our elementary schools hosts a sock hop at the end of the first week of classes to celebrate the new year. The tradition is to wear poodle skirts, penny loafers, satin coats, rolled up jeans and leather jackets. We didn't dress the part, but sure enjoyed the event.

We did the stroll, the mashed potato, some twisting and jitterbugged...

Rikard was popular on the dancefloor as most of the other boys didn't want to dance with girls.

At times, he had more dance partners than I could count or fit into the photo. Hopefully this isn't a sign of trouble to come.

Then, we all took a break for an old fashioned root beer float. Yummy!
Our hostess, the PTA president sure was dressed for the part, wasn't she?! Then, it was back to the party. We did the limbo.
This activity was so popular, we did it again! It was challenging for some, but the skill of trying to fit under something was lost of Keeli.
Then, the kids called for a conga line!
And Rikard and I finished up the evening by tearing up the dance floor during the parent/student dance event. I think Tatum did a fantastic job capturing the essence of our dancing skills and talents, don't you?


Lori said...

So fun! I love the blur of the fluid motion of your dancing skills.

Ilena said...

Wonderful...Love the picture. Your kids are great! Thanks fo sharing them with me! Ilena

The Tin House said...

looks like great fun. A good idea I'll share at our next "Parent Club" meeting (that's what they call it at our school) Lisa x