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Monday, September 01, 2008

Our Wild Life

Each day this fellow neighborhood mom brings her children through the yard for a playdate.
We treat them to a little snack.
The run around in the grass with abandon.
And, when it is time to go, she always has to call after a straggler or two.After entertaining our friends today, we went to a nearby park and hiked a mile or two into the wilderness. We didn't happen upon any wildlife.
The views of the river were phenomenal today. The water was a vibrant turquoise blue where it was rushing and a clear, dark blue in the slower areas. We will have to revisit this park and hike a few more trails.

1 comment:

The Tin House said...

Gorgeous countryside.

It's a very big deal for kids moving schools - I went to 9 altogether. Sounds as if they had a nice first day.

Are they turkeys?

Lisa x