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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A boy and his toy

The snow has been falling and falling and falling, and piling and piling and piling. We have over 30" now in our yard and shoveling was starting to take a toll. We visited several local dealers and there were no snow blowers to be had. One of the larger department stores wouldn't even promise one if we ordered and prepaid!

So, we made a few phone calls, took a trip and brought home Ricky's latest power tool. It is red, shiny and loud. He made quick work of the driveway. And the sidewalk (yes, the snow is nearly as deep as the snowblower). He was very pleased that we cleared the driveway and sidewalk in less than an hour. The past couple days it has taken both of us 2-3 hours to clear away the snowfall.

We called the Sears store in Moscow, Idaho early Sunday morning and reserved a snowblower. When we arrived, the only one left had a sold sign with our name on it (yeah us for thinking ahead). By the time we returned home, a new 4" had fallen and it was time for that machine to go to work. We look forward to using this snowblower several times in the near future as several more inches of snow is in the forecast for the holiday.

1 comment:

snowangel0576 said...

YUCK!!!!!! Makes me remember why we moved from Buffalo, to Richmond. Hope Rick enjoys his new toy....