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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow removal

Yesterday we watched as some young men slid their snow shovels lengthwise along their roof shingles and ripped the shingles off along with the snow and ice. Rick has a tried and true method to avoid this disaster. First you brush the top layer, the light and fluffy snow, off.
Then comes the difficult part. Scooping and lifting the heavy, packed snow. The *fun* part of this little chore is throwing the snow...
and, throwing the snow...
and, throwing the snow...NOT AT ME!! Just wait until he tries to get down and can't find his ladder.
Walking in and out of the house is a challenge. We anticipate another 4" of snow to fall tonight over our sidewalks and driveway which are already thickly crusted with ice. This is the wrought iron handrail leading to the front door. The is is about 2" thick along the top of the rail and I'm afraid to break it as the railing isn't very secure.
Another little snow removal project is keeping the sidewalks clear. Our rental contract requires this and Rick is concerned that soon the snowblower won't be able to throw the snow over these burms! We can't see Keeli behind most of them now.
The good news is that today I took my car out and had no trouble getting around town for errands.

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