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Friday, February 13, 2009

Some winter memories

The days are suddenly getting longer and the snow is melting - it is melting somewhere just not in our yard. We have a huge snow/ice berm in our front yard that is still higher than the top of my car and extends the entire length of the yard. It is frozen solid and will be with us a while.

But, we had some great times with that snow! Keeli had her first snowball fight this year. She would pick up tiny little bits of snow...and throw them at her unsuspecting dad. She would laugh and he would play along like the snowball knocked him over.The kids built a really nice snowman. Tatum was reading The Tale of Desperaux and the snowman was built to look like him, big ears, pointy nose, whiskers and of course a sword. Some neighborhood hoodlums knocked him over.

So, the following weekend the built another. Keeli and Rikard rolled a big ball of snow until it was too large for them to move any farther.Then, they rolled another. Tatum was in charge of smoothing the sides and making sure the middle one was smaller than the bottom one (Rikard was all about the bigger the better, must be a boy thing). Rick helped them get creative with the second snowman. He couldn't just be a plain old snowman, he needed some character.
So, this guy was a *dude.* He had spiked hair and whiskers. This wasn't your average, boring, everyday snowman.
He lasted a couple of weeks until the kids discovered the snow pile from the roof made a great short speed sledding course and the snowman was in the way. Oh, more snowy memories...


Angela said...


Jnette said...

That is the funniest snowman I've ever seen! Boy do you ever have alot of snow!!!

Liz said...

Great snow*dude*. :o) That life in the snow is something my CA kids didn't get to experience. Looks like lots of fun memories.

Mustafa said...

WooW.. I love snow so much, but we never have it here.. Nice pictures, nice memories