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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The crack of the bat

It was opening weekend for Little League and Saturday was filled with nothing but softball, softball, softball and some more softball.First it was opening cermonies. There we met other parents, traded some of our gear for gear that fit, and took team and individual photos. Tatum is pretty excited that she is on the Mariner's team, she thinks it beats the options - the Orioles, Cardinals or Dodgers.

Then it was game time. Tatum's first at bat was a strike-out, but she rebounded well. She had two singles, a fielder's choice, 2RBIs and scored three runs. We may have to buy her a new batting helmet. The one provided by the team falls off her head when she rounds the bases or tries to run to fast, so she is constantly holding at least one of the ear flaps with her hands and trying to run.

Rick and I are struggling with watching from the sidelines as the coaches sit idle during games and practices. Apparently the girls are supposed to learn the game without instruction. We have two games this week and a double-header on Saturday if you're interested in taking in a bit of juniors softball.


Briarose said...

that bat looks too big for her....I hope she grows into it soon. :) Claire

3anklebiters said...

the bat they used in the individual photos was terribly large. her own bat is a lot smaller and of course pink.