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Sunday, April 05, 2009


Another quick road trip to check the final arrivals. This is #188 and her little one. She is an ultra-protective and doting mama goatie. The little kid's ears are just like hers, one with a full flip and one with a curl.Darbi came to visit and help Keeli chase and catch the new kids. They finally asked one of the adults to "hold this one still while we catch it." Too much cuteness in this picture!
Another set of new twins. This is a jack/jill pair, belonging to Scarlett. Their colorings are a reverse of Scarlett's, she is a lighter shade of brown with a white body stripe and face blaze.
This is #186's first year kidding, these twins are four days old. Her little ones are very petite, like she is. They spent most of their time today napping in a patch of sunshine.
Along the side of the pasture, among the volunteer poplar trees, you will find the babies. They almost look like patches of snow. Here they hop between the branches, run and play, stalk their mommas and obviously find a comfortable napping place.
We have an offer on a house, with acreage, existing patures and room for the goaties to roam and play - and more importantly for us to return to that rural lifestyle we enjoy. We are waiting on a response from the bank (it is a foreclosure sale). All positive thoughts sent this direction will be appreciated.


Laura-IH said...

Oh, my gosh! Look at all the cute kids (both human and animal)! Those little goats are just too cute!

Angela said...

Love the pics. Some look like puppy dogs. Praying with you on the farm!!!