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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Coming of age

All day we were peppered with questions as Keeli tried to make sense of the birthday event. What time is my birthday? Where is my birthday? Who is making my birthday? How many minutes until my birthday?

Keeli turned 5 today. Over the years, we have attempted to make birthdays about a celebration of time with family and building memories together rather than the expectation of gifts. Hopefully someday, she has many happy memories of today.

Tatum and Keeli created a sidewalk chalk mural celebrating Keeli's momentus occassions and announcing the big event to the entire neighborhood.
A large portion of the afternoon was devoted to cake baking and decorating. Everyone had a hand in stacking layers, frosting and sprinkling. Some even volunteered to eat the left over frosting. We left the combustible stuff to dad and the fire suppression to the birthday girl. We opened two presents, including a birthday card packed with cash and tiny sea shells from Nana Linda, who is currently in the Bahamas. Amazingly two of the shells survived the USPS.
And, in case you forgot, it was Keeli's 5th birthday today. 5.


Judith said...

Happy birthday Keeli, hope you had a lovely day. That birthday cake looks yummy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. The bookcase was a major construction for my hubby as he has not done anything like that before. In Crete the price of wood is very high as it all has to be shipped in. The wood is just flooring, tongue and groove, so it is only pine but it looks so nice.
I am now deciding on how to finish it off. Maybe I might stencil something on it and give it a clear satin varnish, I'm not sure, I'm living with it now before I make up my mind.
Thanks again.

Penny said...

Your Keeli is cutie!