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Friday, November 20, 2009


Tatum is in the middle of her first season playing this sport and having a great time. And, I'm having a great time watching her develop an interest in my favorite sport to watch and play.
I taught Tatum how to float an underhand serve and her serve has been difficult for other teams to return. She does well passing from the back row, but is a bit hesitant to return the ball while in the front row. She is afriad of getting tangled in the net.
The league is small, comprised of a handful of elementary schools and games are played one night a week, right after school. Many of the rules are modified. They can serve from 5 feet inside the service line, but must remain in the traditional service area. They only pass (bump)the ball. An individual player can only deliver 5 serves and then the team must rotate. Until all the players on the team can serve overhand serve, they all must serve underhand. Aggressive play at the net is discouraged because it is intimidating. We cheer for both teams equally.
I understand the ideas of fairness and wanting to encourage all the girls. However, I do not like the precidence it sets. In life there are losers and there are winners. Some must work hard, even struggle, to achieve goals, for some it comes naturally.There are people who take advantage of opportunities while others choose not to. Every person has a different set of abilities, interests and challenges. Why aren't we teaching our children that they can lose graciously and excell at another challenge or at the same challenge another day? Why are we turning our backs on opportunities to challenge children to be better, to improve themselves? Why are we teaching them that adequacy or being average is best?


Conni said...

I think it is so important to teach our children, from an early age, that life isn't "fair". Things will not be equal/the same for everyone. As you have said, some will excel and some won't. Some will be winners, and some losers. Some rich, and some poor. It is encouraging to see that other parents grasp this concept, and are willing to pass this on to their children. Kudos to you, Kate'!

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