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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pearly whites

We had a monumental visit to the dentist this week. Rikard underwent a procedure without any sort of sedation!
Granted this was a simple sealant application, it was a big step for him. When Rikard was 5YO he had two two root canals and crowns on molars done with only local anesthesia. He was so brave! His next trip to the dentist (with a different assistant) did not go well. He's required a mild conscious sedative since or the dentist hasn't been able to get any work completed. We've always had to take him home a little hobbly on his feet and nurse him out of his hangover.

He thought the blue light which cures the sealant was "awesome."

He spent the next hour after his appointment watching over the dentist's shoulder as Tatum had an open root canal checked and resealed. She wasn't as photogenic.


Kez said...

Hi Kate,

I tried to add you on Facebook but I can't find you. Are you able to add me? (Kez Ptol)

Judith said...

What a brave lad. Dentists are so frightening.