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Monday, February 22, 2010

The cake countdown

After an expensive trip to the grocery store for cake mixes, powdered sugar, white frosting, gell food colorings, dowels and - of course - fondant, we were making cake the Cake Boss way.
Rikard designed his cake and the process to make it on 3x5 cards. The theme for the Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet is the Olympics and his cake is supposed to resemble the winners podium. Our first lesson was that rolling fondant with a rolling pin is hard work! They make it look much easier on television.

Getting it onto the rolling pin and then onto the cake proved tricky. I promised not to show the photos of the fondant spinning off the rolling pin onto the floor.

Another Cake Boss lesson - frosting is glue. Rikard found out those offset spatulas and pallette knives are much more difficult to use than they look!

Dad had some quick input on cutting fine details.

Making the numbers was very intense work.
Taking care and having patience when transferring the numbers onto the cake...
Nearly perfect!


Angela said...

Precious!!!! How hard was it to let him do it all? :o)

Kez said...

Awesome job!