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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The maiden voyage

This is one happy boatload! The maiden voyage of the __________ (still haven't named it/her) took place Sunday afternoon and it was a success. The three passengers, two crew members and the vessel itself returned to shore safely.

This is one happy captain. It has been years since he had a realiable boat, a boat he enjoyed spending time on, a boat he could call his own. The entire time we were on the lake he was listening to every little noise the boat made, was capitavated by the fish finder, tested the boat in turns for cavitation. He was just happy.

The lake was fantastic. There was no wind to speak of and only a handful of other boats. The water was like glass - and apparently the fish were biting if we are to believe all the fishermen lining the dock.
Of course, the kids had a great time too. At least most of them. Rikard and Tatum tested every seat on the boat. They soon realized that the bench seat on the back was the windiest, coldest seat available.

Keeli was huddled in the front seat, clinging to me and the dash for dear life, begging the captain to "slow down," "stay away from the bumps" and "get me back to land!"

1 comment:

Cathy said...

LOL...I couldn't identify with the Captain, or his second mate, and I couldn't identify with the two passengers on the back bench, but when I read about Keeli, I CAN IDENTIFY!!! My husband's best friend loved his boats and my DH and the friend were always going out on the boat. One time I was talked into going along, and I thought I was going to die! I was literally curled up on the floor of the boat crying for the friend to stop or seriously slow down. I HATE SPEED of all kind! It is as if it triggers a major anxiety attack. So, your Keeli is the one I would identify with the most! :)

BUT I will be very happy for your husband who looks like he now has a 'ship' to be a Captain to!