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Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Bloomies

Tatum tagged along to Bloomsday with us this year. We arrived a bit early to the staging area and she was enthralled by all the craziness. The costumes, the beach balls, the team shirts, the posing for photos, the throwing of clothes into the trees... This gentlemen showed up in his themed costume and was posing for photos with everyone who would have him. Tatum tugged on his elbow to ask and without warning he scooped her up, threw her into the air and caught her. Her day was off to a great start!

You may notice our team has changed somewhat from last year. Kelly and Tabitha bailed on us. Because we didn't have the stroller, we started in the lilac staging area. Upon reviewing last year's photos, we may need to purchase a new sweatshirt for Joyce or talk to her about her strange superstition of wearing the same one for athletic competitions.

We were trapped in a sea of people. Thousands crowded ahead of us (above) and thousands poured in behind us (below). There was a solid moving river of people as far as we could see in both directions.

That didn't change for miles.

In fact we struggled against the crowd most of the morning. It was difficult to keep our pace up, when throngs of people in front of us were just plodding along, taking their time. This is the sea of people stretching ahead of us along mile 2 on Government Way, near the cemetery and memorial gardens.

Tatum saw Doomsday Hill from the bridge and thought she could easily conquer it. Oh, the ambition of an 11 year old! But there she was, running up the hill. Again, we wove in and out of the crowd, working to move forward and keep our pace relatively decent. We found breathing room at mile 5, near the top of Doomsday Hill.

As we rounded the corner from the courthouse and Tatum saw the finish line she proclaimed that she wasn't going to let her Nana finish before her and she started running. Nana was up to the challenge and took off after her. They finished together.

363 days until Bloomsday 2011.


Kez said...

Wow! WTG - all of you!!

Conni said...

Oh, how I wish I had just a teeny-tiny bit of Tatum's energy!! Congrats on the run!

junespider said...

Don't you wish we could somehow tap into their energy levels somehow??
Congrats on another year well done!