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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Apples & Eggs

 My family loves - L-O-V-E-S - apples. Red apples. Yellow apples. Sweet, juicy apples. Green apples. Apples that make you pucker.
 After washing and slicing, they are put into the dehydrator. Some are left au-naturel, some are sprinkled with cinnamon for a little added anti-oxident and a flavor explosion.
 After a couple of hours, the house is filled with the sweet, warm smell of baked apples and we have handfulls of sweet apple treats.
 And, Suprise! Green eggs and ham for dinner. The lone surviving spring chick started laying last week and we are getting these fabulous-green shelled eggs. The hen is an Aracauna, the breed is also known as the "Easter Egg Chicken" because of the soft, pastel colored egg shells. Our other chicks are about 8 weeks old and should start laying between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh... green eggs. What a hoot. Hum, being a suburb girl I am not sure I would trust eggs from real chickens. (As opposed to eggs from styrofoam containers! LOL)

And, ugh -- so sorry for the ankle break. When you get to physical therapy -- make sure you do it. It'll keep the ankle functioning well in the future.

Anonymous said...

All that's missing in this post is a sticker of dr. seuss sticker on the egg! What a riot. Tammy