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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bob vs. Stubby

There is no love lost between these two competitors. When they enter the cage (aka barnyard) IT - IS - ON! Stubby gets her coyote face on, snaps her jaws, yips and darts at Bob. Bob doesn't even flinch. He lets Stubby take a couple of stabs and then he charges her. She takes off running, only to come back for Round 2, and Round 3 and Round 4. If we let them, it would go on from sun up to sun down.

1 comment:

Briarose said...

Stumpy looks (and sounds like) my dog, Qtip. Right down to the white tip on his tail. Mine is an American Eskimo, rough coat black Shepherd and termite, with some beaver thrown into the mix (he ate my baseboards and then the trees!). What does Stumpy have in him?
He is sooo cute! There are several pictures on my blog of Qtip. Claire