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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moving on

Our two school-aged kids are moving onward and upward.

Rikard completed Kindergarten this year with near-flying colors and will advance to the first grade in the fall. The school sponsored a little ceremony during the last week of classes.

The kids performed three songs they learned during the spring quarter. Afterward their notebooks, journals and diplomas were prepared to take home.

He has done really well and is a math whiz. He can quickly add single digit numbers without manipulatives or pencil and paper. He is also a good reader, but needs some encouragement to read a book on his own.

Rikard is anticipating 1st grade, most noteably getting to ride the school bus to and from school, getting to eat lunch at school and having more than one recess.

It was the final day Tatum would visit Classroom 8. She had a fantastic year and is doing exceptionally well in reading, enjoys math and finished her cursive training booklet the afternoon school was released. She has been working to complete her math workbook and has a stock of reading books for the summer.

On the final day of school, she earned a handful of awards for most book reports done, hours read, perfect attendance, etc. She also presented a poetry book she wrote to her class and visiting parents.

She is looking forward to 3rd grade and is counting the days until she learns who her new teacher will be.

Keeli did her part and showed up to Rikard's graduation in fine style. We expect nothing less from the diva of the diaper age.

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