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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Day #4

We spent the day at Seaside, exploring the beach and ocean, visiting specialty shops and riding the carousel. The bigger kids couldn't wait and went chasing waves the minute their feet hit the sand. Bailey, Madison and Tatum were soaked, but having a fantastic time.
Keeli had her first contact with the cold Pacific Ocean waves. She had fun running away from the waves and really liked it when there was just a skiff of water on top of the sand.

Tatum and Rikard were busy making sand castles using the sand dollars Tatum found in the surf.
After hitting the foot washing station and using it to rinse the sand from legs, arms, feet and in one case hair, we went on a stroll through all the little shops. We didn't buy anything, but the girls had a good time visiting Roxy and everyone had fun in the kite shop. Then, it was on to the Carousel Mall, where we rode the carousel. Note to self: buy t-shirts/sweatshirts at the $12.99 store in this mall on our next visit.
Then it was time to return to camp, get some scrum-dilly-uptious steak and pepper sandwiches made by my brother and - of course - s'mores for dessert. My new invention called for a Resses Peanut Butter Cup in my s'more rather than a little piece of plain chocolate. This is Michael and Bailey's favorite part of the day.

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