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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Day #5

It was our last full day at Cannon Beach. After breakfast and a trip to The Kite Factory, we went to the beach in Tolovana to experience the wind. It wouldn't be a traditional trip to Seaside/Cannon Beach without flying a kite.

All the kids (except the littlest, 1YO Charlie) got a new kite. Keeli had a great little kite that didn't need any assistance getting into the air. Michael and Bailey chose pirate kites. Rikard had a colorful tree frog with long legs as the kite tails. Tatum and Madison had butterflies (see photo above). Jesse had a horse kite with a 25' tail. Although they were all running wild on the beach they never tangled kite strings.

Rick bought himself a small stunt kite and had a good time learning to fly it. He had an admiring audience and when I took over and continuously crashed the kite they made fun of me.

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