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Friday, July 20, 2007

Back at the Beach

Sand, surf and sunshine are always a good combination to keep the kids entertained.

Tatum was overwhelmed by a wave while searching for sand dollars.
Keeli played it safe all day and waded in the tiny waves.
Lisa and Rikard got a little crazy dancing and jumping over the waves while Tatum searched again for sand dollars and Justin and Collin waited for another big wave.
After a while all the waves are the same and the sand gets more interesting. Collin and Austin started to bury one another at the beach.

1 comment:

The Halands said...

Brrr - that water must be cold, wasn't it? Too fun! The 'clam gun' was pretty cool in the previous post, too, by the way. That big mess of fresh clams looked absolutely delicious!

Love your blog as always, Kate'!