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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Beach Bummies!

We have spent a few hours a day each of the past few days cooling off at the beach. As the next couple of days are supposed to be 100+ degrees we will probably find ourselves there at least a few more times.

Keeli kept herself entertained for several hours with an 88-cent beach ball.
She can throw it fairly high into the air. Her catching abilities aren't quite as developed and she was forced to then chase it as it rolled along the hillside toward the beach.
After retrieving the ball from the water's edge, it was time to try and throw it uphill.
Rikard spent his afternoon building a waterfall in the sand. The water could only run as fast as he could run back from gathering more in his little bucket.
Daredevil Tatum attempted the unthinkable - jumping into the lake without her life jacket. While the photo and her description of doing this may sound thrilling, she was jumping into about 3-inches of water.

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