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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Watery Wednesday

I suprised the kids with an afternoon at the aquatic center. As the sun heated the day to 100+ degrees, the water was quite inviting. The kids were busy for hours swimming, jumping and diving.
Rikard decided to stop one of the geysers at the entrance to the wading area.
He didn't move out of the way quite quickly enough on his first few attempts and got hit with the water stream. He finally got his timing worked out perfectly and was able to jump away from the water at lightening speed!
All the excitement of the day really wore Keeli out. She took a tiny cat nap on her towel.

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The Halands said...

Awesome photos, Kate'! I need a camera like yours - oh, and you as my photographer. ;-) I surprised my kids with the aquatic center the other day too, and it was a GIANT hit. If we could, we'd be there every day! By the way, Keeli looks about 5 feet tall in that picture! Too cute :-)

- Noelle