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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School

School started today. Rick and the kids left early in the morning and everyone reported having a great day.

Rikard is now in 1st grade. He took his lunch to school for the first time today and was excited - and worried - about all new things.

Tatum is in 3rd grade. She has two good friends in class with her. Her big news of the day was that she was asked to help serve lunch to the next classes arriving in the lunchroom. She even got a hairnet!

Classes at the middle school started today also. Rick is in a new classroom. His days will be long for the next eight weeks or so as he is coaching football right after school.

1 comment:

The Halands said...

Good luck to Tatum and Rikard at school! Our kids start on Tuesday and Wednesday. So long summer!

- Noelle