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Thursday, June 19, 2008

KC - day 1

I saw as much of Kansas City as possible around some intense conference sesions this week. The city scape from outside the hotel was beautiful. Despite the destructive weather going on all around this city, the weather while I visited was fantastic - clear skies and a light breeze.
I spent three days in Kansas City, Missouri attending the NCMPR summer institute on digital marketing. I was exposed to great ideas, greater people and a fantastic city.
My first stop was the historic Union Station. This was right across the street from the hotel and along the pathway to the destination for dinner the first night. My sister and her family recently vacationed here. She provided great suggestions for filling free time, including eating at Jack Stacks' Barbecue. A coworker and I enjoyed smoked prime rib with all the fixin's and a bottle of fruity delicious Whoop Whoop.
Outside Union Station is the Henry Wollman Bloch Memorial Fountain, one of the 200 water fountains the city is famous for. Bloch is the co-founder of H&R Block.
Inside the station there are shops, restaurants, a science museum, gallery and historic train displays. There is also fantastic architecture, like the ceilings. The colors are great, the depth and textures make you want to reach out and touch the detail pieces.

I realized just how lucky residents of larger cities are. There are very few buildings in my community that rise more than one level above ground, most are built of cinder blocks and most are 50 years old. There is little architectural beauty where we live. I endeavor to appreciate it when I find it.

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