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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yellowstone - 1st time tourist

Our first trek through the Upper Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park was great. The kids were excited to learn about volcanoes, geysers and they all wanted to know where the lava was. Luckily we bring along our own in-house science teacher for just such occassions. We were watching this little tiny geyser gush and gush for several minutes. Rikard declared Beehive Geyser his favorite. And then...All of a sudden the real Beehive Geyser behind the little indicator geyser rumbled and erupted. Rikard and Bailey were soaked and people were running in several directions to get out of the spray. This geyser shoots more than 130-feet into the air. It was a spectacular site. Everyone in our group was a big fan.
Within minutes Old Faithful went off. The scene is spectacular, but according to the kids, not as great as see all the different kinds of geysers and pools you can see walking around the park.
Around a couple of corners we saw some steaming pools. Walking through the hot steam on a hot day smelling sulfur was not one of Rick and Dad's favorite pasttimes. But, they weathered it well and keep driving us to see new wonders each day.

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