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Saturday, June 21, 2008

KC - day 2

We visited the Hallmark Visitors Center on our lunch break the first day of the conference. There were several interesting displays, however it felt odd to be visiting such a kid-oriented place without my three tagging along.

Kaleidescope is located near the entrance to the Visitors Center and was swarming with children, happy children. I missed my kids.

Inside the Visitors Center there were several interesting displays. The first, of course, was for the Keepsake Ornaments that Hallmark releases each year. We have a few, but aren't gung-ho collectors. My sister on the other hand is a Hallmark junkie. I know why she recommended visiting this place.

Ornaments were on display on several themed trees. These were kept behind glass and arranged by year. The first ones are the oldest. These were interesting to me mainly because of the old world or European feel they had.

The middle tree of this set caught my eye. I remember making these bread dough style ornaments in elementary school.

The Crazy Quilt Tree was the last one in this display and is - of course - my favorite. I love the velvets, ribbons and decorative stitching.

Then it was back to the conference to learn more about digital marketing, connecting with others online and how to define and identify the online audience.

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