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Monday, July 14, 2008

Gettin' Together

We had a scheduled family gathering in the Yakima Valley over the weekend. We celebrated Grandpa Dick's 1/2 80th birthday (which means his birthday is really about six months away). Family pictures were on the agenda so here we are. There isn't one picture we snapped where everyone is looking forward.
Rick, myself and our three are on the right. Becky, Chris and their son are in the center. Chase, Amy and the boys are on the left. Linda is sitting in the center front.
This photo shows Grandpa Dick and Grandma Bert (my kids all called her Nana Bird for the longest time) and most of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. There are three grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren not in the photo.
After photos, it was time to make a splash!
Rikard was fearful of the diving board at the beginning of the day, but that soon faded and he was the craziest board jumping boy at the pool. He really gained a lot of confidence swimming this weekend.
Tatum decided that she needed to make some more advanced dives. She started doing front flips and some mid-air twists.


Mo said...

I love Keeley in the first picture!

3anklebiters said...

Yep, that was one of the last photos in a 1.5 hour marathon session. She was done!

Angela said...

Waht great pictures! A very fun time you all had. Hope the packing/moving is going ok.