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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vacation Dangers

All throughout Yellowstone you are reminded of the danger of thermal areas. Signs constantly warn you not to walk in certain areas, especially those which may be a thin crust over pools of scalding hot water. It wasn't easy herding and keeping track of 3, 4, sometimes 9 kids and seeing the sites in a leisurly manner.

Some of the signs at certain park areas are simple to read, telling you to stay out. Others are pictures worth a thousand words, telling a story of danger and how to avoid it. My kids laughed at them, calling them old fashioned and silly. Apparently they are still good enough to catch their attention. My 7-year-old asked why people would jump off the path into the super volcano.

Visitors should not step off the boardwalks, they may step directly onto a geyser:
Visitors should keep their pets on a leash, as pets don't realize the dangers off the path: Geysers may erupt at any time. You should not leave the marked paths to inspect them:
The most dangerous things we encountered were people, People who think it is okay - safe even - to approach bison and elk to get a closer picture. On our final day in the park a grizzly bear was roaming about 40-50 yards off the roadway and people were chasing after it to get a photo. We made due with photos of the bear from the car window.

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maudie-mae said...

My son worked in Idaho Falls this summer and spent almost every weekend exploring Yellowstone. He called those people who tried to pet the Bison and Bear Cubs "Tourons"--a Cross between Tourist and Moron.